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Spreadsheet Preclimat 1.2 HVAC facilities

The air conditioning of dwellings and commercials has always required extensive knowledge of air conditioning systems, power units to install and required air flow rates.
By applying Preclimat 1.1, you can design HVAC facilities of dwellings and commercials with a simple spreadsheet. This application was created by Ignacio Acosta and widely publicized by Fidas, the Foundation for Investigation and Diffusion of Architecture. Despite being a very simple application it has been supported by over 2,500 licenses purchased only in Spain.

Preclimat 1.1 has two main tabs: the first allows the user to determine the thermal loads of the rooms or rooms that wish to heat. The heat load calculation is not done dynamically, but the application allows to calculate the loads generated by solar radiation through the windows, the thermal transmittance of walls and other loads produced by lighting or people.

The second tab determines the configuration of the premises or dwelling: how many rooms they have and how it is distributed. Then you choose the HVAC unit according to the required power.

This spreadsheet also calculates ducts and vents, need for centralized systems. For more information, you can download the manual for free at the following link:
Preclimat 1.2 is only 10 euros, which can easily be paid by credit card or PayPal. To make the payment, the buyer should indicate their ID number to obtain the key. Within 48 hours, the buyer will receive an email with the application, access codes and registration. To purchase Preclimat 1.2 Press the button "buy now".
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Please feel free to make any questions on Preclimat 1.2. I hope you enjoy the application.

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