lunes, 1 de abril de 2013

AquaSec English version

AquaSec 2.2 is a spreadsheet that allows calculation of Plumbing facilities. Its use is very simple and very precise AquaSec compares three different systems for calculation of pressure loss and uses three methods to calculate the supply flow.

The calculation of Plumbing facilities is very useful, because the spreadsheet can be saved to a mobile phone using an Excel app.
So far, AquaSec was only in Spanish version, but due to American demand for this spreadsheet, has been carried out the English version.

AquaSec 2.2 English version is only 10 euros, which can easily be paid by credit card or PayPal. To make the payment, the buyer should indicate their ID number to obtain the key. Within 48 hours, the buyer will receive an email with the application, access codes and registration. To purchase AquaSec 2.2 English version please, press the button "buy now".

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  1. Thanks for the application, calculating plumbing facilities is really easy.